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Grossmont Orthopaedic Medical Group is one of the leading providers of orthopedic care and physical therapy in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to be a comprehensive resource and solution for those suffering from pain, injuries, osteoarthritis and more

Hip Pain

9 things no one ever tells you about getting a hip replacement

A little over three months ago, I had a hip arthroplasty, otherwise known as a Total Hip Replacement, at age 42 (OK, it was a week before my 43rd birthday, but I’m sticking with 42). I know I’m more


Introducing Dr. Scott Hacker

Grossmont Orthopaedic is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Scott Hacker to our team. Dr. Hacker is fellowship trained in knee and shoulder surgery in the treatment of sports related injuries. He has special interest in advanced more

Hip Pain

Hip replacements are on the rise

Dr. Peter Hanson is featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune article titled, ‘Hip replacements are on the rise’ In recent years, the number of patients who have had hip replacement surgery has doubled nationwide. While the reasons for more

Orthopedic Surgeon in San Diego

Knee Arthroscopy – Exercises That Will Help You Recover Faster

After a knee arthroscopy, it is important that you do a number of recommended exercises to rebuild the muscles around the knee. The main goal of these knee exercises is to strengthen the muscles that support the knee more

Orthopedic Surgeon in San Diego

Questions And Answers Regarding Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Considering that arthroscopic surgery is a less invasive procedure than an open surgery, it is often a preferred choice among patients. A smaller incision means minimal scarring and shorter recovery period, is is the the biggest advantage of more