Hip Pain

Patient Spotlight: Tennis After Bilateral Hip Replacements with Dr. Peter Hanson

Posted on: August 26th, 2021 by Our Team

Below is an interview with Dane C. He is a patient of Dr. Peter Hanson and had his left hip replaced in April of 2019 and his right hip replaced most recently in July of this year. He was an avid competitive tennis player through college who had to give it up due to the significant pain and range of motion restrictions in both hips. Now, he is back on the court and better than ever! Read more about his incredible experience following these joint replacement surgeries and some of the amazing things he has been able to accomplish since.


What has your life been like since having your joint replacement surgeries?

Dramatically improved on so many levels. Free from pain for starters. Until I was healed, I didn’t fully realize how compromised I was because I had lived with chronic hip pain and impairment for so many years. I call it miracle surgery.

What was your experience like with Dr. Peter Hanson?

On every level, Dr. Hanson is fantastic. His bedside manner is second to none. He never seems rushed in my appointments and answers all questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Through the entire process, he very much put me at ease and helped to mitigate my anxiety. And the results speak for themselves regarding his professionalism, competence, and the fact I would have never considered any other surgeon for my second replacement.

Have you been able to get back to the things you wanted to do after joint replacement surgery?

Yes, and more. I’ve been extremely active my entire life. As my hip deteriorated, it compromised my golf, skiing, hiking and more. I was a competitive tennis player through college. I had completely given up playing tennis the past ten years due to the pain, lack of mobility and severely compromised flexibility. I’m back to playing tennis twice a week with no pain whatsoever and at a level that I could never have imagine reaching again.

What have you been able to do physically that has surprised you?

Sit with my legs crossed! I lost realization of normal and just sort of shrugged at my limitations. Issues with my hip reached a point that I couldn’t really shrug and accept anymore. Since the replacement, my skiing and golf have improved, I’m back to serious mountain hiking and I can play vigorous tennis.

What was the initial recovery period like?

The worst part of my first hip replacement, and I’ve now had two, was the constipation from the meds. This was remedied on round two by parking an admittedly cavalier attitude regarding this very real issue and taking all the recommended preemptive measures that fully mitigated the problem. Regarding the hip, I was actually surprised by my seemingly accelerated recovery. I felt generally 100% at 8 weeks. The first week post-surgery was not a cake walk but very manageable just the same. Having my incredible wife available to help with basic needs was a tremendous help.

What is the best advice you have for a patient thinking about joint replacement surgery?

Speak to a couple of people who have had the full experience of getting a new joint. I’ve had many anxiety ridden friends who I’ve helped get over the hump in making a decision to have their joint replaced. To a person, the only regret is that they didn’t get it done sooner.

Have you had any significant restrictions since your joint replacement surgeries?

On the contrary. Restrictions have been replaced with freedoms. Freedom to be fully active without pain or compromised movement. Freedom to sleep without pain. Freedom from having to take anti-inflammatories to get through sporting activities. It was as if a dark lingering cloud had been lifted from my life.