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Patient Spotlight: Freedom of Movement without Pain After Bilateral Knee Replacements

Posted on: October 21st, 2021 by Our Team

Meet Jana, a patient of Dr. Peter Hanson’s who had bilateral knee replacements performed 3 months apart this year. When we met Jana she was having severe pain in both knees and was having trouble with all of her daily activities. She was reliant on a cane and a knee brace to get around. Now, a mere 5 months after both knees were replaced she is able to enjoy long walks with her husband again, something she missed dearly. Read more here about her experience with Dr. Peter Hanson and our Grossmont Orthopaedic Medical Group team.

What Has Your Life Been like since Having Your Joint Replacement Surgeries?

My life has been completely turned around since having both knees replaced. Prior to my surgeries, I was in a brace and used a cane. My quality of life was significantly reduced due to extreme discomfort when sitting, standing, and walking. Now, I can walk long distances, ride my bike, go up and down stairs, etc. . . . all pain free! I receive frequent comments like, “Your legs are so straight!” and “Wow, you’re moving so quickly!” I smile and tell people I’m a new woman, thanks to Dr. Hanson!

What Was Your Experience Like with Dr. Hanson/The Office?

I had nothing but positive experiences in Dr. Hanson’s office. I was always treated with professionalism and respect by all staff. Dr. Hanson is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and considerate, as are his PAs, Ashley and Kalie. Every concern and question I had regarding my surgeries and recovery were answered with a thorough explanation of what to expect. I never felt that I was being rushed through an appointment.

Have You Been Able to Get Back to the Things You Wanted to Do after Joint Replacement Surgery?

My ‘life after surgery’ is more than I expected! I can’t begin to explain how exhilarating it feels to have freedom of movement without pain, and a new lease on life.

What Have You Been Able to Do Physically That Has Surprised You?

I am most pleased with being able to walk again, especially long distances. My husband and I have always enjoyed walking along the river and strolling through our neighborhood. We hadn’t been able to do so for almost two years because of my knees.

What Was the Initial Recovery Period Like?

The initial recovery period for each knee was quite different. Fortunately, I had a nerve block prior to each surgery so that alleviated the initial pain for about 24 hours. My first knee replacement seemed to go more smoothly, in my opinion, than the second. The discomfort seemed less the first time around, but then I did a better job staying on top of the pain. I highly recommend taking pain medication around the clock for the first 48-72 hours following surgery, moving as much as possible, and icing/elevation frequently. And, most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Have You Had Any Significant Restrictions since Joint Replacement Surgeries?

I haven’t been given any restrictions since completing physical therapy. I happily move through my day and frequently don’t think about my knees at all! That’s quite a switch since my knee pain previously weighed heavily on my entire life.

What Is the Best Advice You Have for a Patient Thinking About Joint Replacement Surgery?

If you’re hesitant to have knee replacement surgery, I highly recommend that you seek out Dr. Hanson and his team to explain the procedure and how total knee replacement will change your life for the better. Dr. Hanson and his PAs don’t automatically encourage surgery, but offer options to try first. I had had two years of cortisone shots prior and a round of hyaluronic injections before realizing that surgery was imminent. I almost waited too long, though. My hip and leg muscles were significantly weakened by my inability to move for almost two years. I’m still working on strengthening my muscles, but now know that I can because I finally move without pain!!