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Patient Spotlight: Running Marathons After Total Knee Replacement

Posted on: September 23rd, 2021 by Our Team

Ever wonder if it is possible to run after a knee replacement? Below is an interview with Kip H. He is an extremely active man who has not slowed down one bit since having multiple joints replaced. In fact, he is now able to do more than he was prior to surgery. He had a right Total Knee Replacement in March of 2015 and had his left knee replaced in Jan of 2017.  Both of these were done by our Knee Replacement Specialist Dr. Peter Hanson. In addition to the two knee replacements, Kip also had his left shoulder replaced by Dr. Benjamin DuBois in March of 2017. He is not only able to get through his daily routine without pain, he has the ability to participate in high level activities such as running multiple marathons and competing in long distance cycling events. Read more here about his experience after joint replacement and with our clinic:

What has your life been like since having your joint replacement surgeries?

Life is good. I’m very active and pain-free; enjoying hiking, biking, and strength training on a regular basis. I even started a weekly Pilates class this week.

What was your experience like with Dr. Peter Hanson and Dr. Benjamin DuBois?

Could not have been better. I have found both of them to be extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and accessible. I consider both of them good friends.

Have you been able to get back to the things you wanted to do after joint replacement surgery?

Absolutely, three months after my knee surgery I rode a 620 mile charity bike ride from San Francisco in 7 days!

What have you been able to do physically that has surprised you?

Other than continuing to run marathons, pretty much everything I had been doing prior to the surgery.

What was the initial recovery period like?

For me both knees and shoulder were fairly uneventful. I never used a walker and was able to make it up the 35 steps to my home’s front door 3 days following my knee surgery.

What is the best advice you have for a patient thinking about joint replacement surgery?

Just do it but remember the key to a successful recovery is physical therapy. It’s imperative to have an extensive and regular therapy program in order to gain back your flexibility and extension.

Have you had any significant restrictions since joint replacement surgery?

No, I’ve lost some flexion in my knees which hasn’t been restrictive in any way and none in my shoulder.