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The best orthopedic surgeons are known to provide a range of surgical options for their patients. In that regards our team manages treatment plans ranging from amputation, broken bones, sprains, surgical prosthesis or reconstruction amongst others.

We also work to manage rehabilitation and disease processes, as necessary. We pride ourselves on our expertise and are committed to offering high level of care to any patient that walks through our door.

Common Orthopaedic Procedures

Orthopedic surgeons can perform a wide variety of procedures, depending on the nature of your condition. These procedures may be used to manage disease, repair fractures or correct deformities.

Some of the most common procedures include:

  • Arthroscopy. This procedure uses specialized equipment, including cameras to look into a joint and address any problems that might be found.
  • Fusion. Bones that are damaged or causing discomfort can be fused together using an internal device, like a metal rod or a bone graft.
  • Internal fixation. This procedure helps to treat broken bones by putting the broken pieces back together using screws, pins or metal plates.
  • Joint replacement. An artificial joint, known as a prosthesis, will be used to replace a joint that has been damaged due to injury or a disease such as arthritis.
  • Osteotomy. This can be used to cut and reposition the bones to correct a deformity.
  • Soft tissue repair. The soft connective tissue that has been torn, including ligaments or tendons, may be mended during a surgical procedure.

The specifics of these procedures and their application to your treatment will vary based on the nature and severity of the injury. Your doctor will be able to go over any specifics that may demand attention in this regard.

Orthopaedic Subspecialties

Joint Reconstruction

This orthopaedic subspecialty focuses on total hip, knee and other joint reconstruction with a key emphasis on revision surgery. Revision surgery is for patients whose previous orthopaedic surgeries are now failing and need new joint replace ments, implants or bone grafting.

Hip and Knee

This specialty focuses on lower extremity disorders and replacement surgeries or arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgeries include ligament strains and tears, cartilage tears, or cartilage deterioration beneath the kneecap.


Shoulder surgeries or arthroscopy can be used to examine or repair issues within the shoulder region.

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